My name is Antonina “Tonya” Letunovskaya and I have over 25 years experience as a gymnast.  It is my hobby, my passion and my career.  I was introduced to it by my parents when I was just a little girl growing up in Petrozavodsk, a small city in northwest Russia. In fact, my name translates literally, in Russian, to “flying girl.”  I had big plans.

After excelling very quickly in my early years of learning gymnastics, I was recognized in a big way when I received the honor of “Master of Sport” at the early age of 15.  This solidified my focus and I continued practicing and developing my talents.  I was awarded a 5-year gymnastics scholarship to University and even had an opportunity to perform before top Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin.  When I realized that my potential abilities outgrew my home country, I began looking elsewhere.

I teamed up with seasoned performers to perform as an adage duo onboard luxury cruise ships sailing around the world and entertaining thousands of international guests.  We performed artfully themed and choreographed routines involving silks, aerial tricks, acrobatics and contortion.

Currently, I reside in Miami, Fl. where by day I coach kids of all ages at a local gymnastics school and by night I perform on the hot south beach club scene, for corporate events and holiday parties, and alongside the recognizable talent of Adam Trent.  I’m fulfilling my dream here in the United States and my only hope is that I can inspire young gymnasts to live outside their limits and follow wherever their skills take them.